VSCode title-bar colors

Posted on September 3, 2022 by rainbyte
Tags: colors, customization, organization, vscode

Today’s objective is to highlight different projects folders in VSCode by changing the window title-bars with specific colors. It will be similar to the Peacock extension but without any dependencies.

VSCode allows some UI customization via .json settings, there are 2 commands to access config files:

In this case the Workspace command is preferred, given that it affects only the current folder opened in VSCode.

Configuration steps

  1. Open project folder with VSCode

  2. Launch command palette (press ctrl+shift+p)

  3. Enter Open Workspace Settings (JSON) command

  4. To set the custom title-bar color add a code similar to this:

        "workbench.colorCustomizations": {
            "titleBar.activeBackground": "#0f0",
            "titleBar.activeForeground": "#000",
            "titleBar.inactiveBackground": "#0f09",
            "titleBar.inactiveForeground": "#0009"

    Note: the numbers can be changed to select other colors

Have fun! Happy hacking 🐱

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