VSCode C# setup

Posted on 2022-08-23 22:43:30 by rainbyte
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Follow these steps to configure a C# development environment using VSCode (Code-OSS variant) with the Free OmniSharp extension.

This setup has been tested on Arch Linux with the following package versions:

Step-by-step procedure

  1. Install dotnet sdk and runtime

    • Arch Linux setup:

      sudo pacman -S dotnet-sdk
  2. Make a directory anywhere you like. Go inside and use dotnet tool to create a sample project with console template:

    mkdir <ProjectName>
    cd <ProjectName>
    dotnet new console

    Note: this folder can be deleted later, it is just an example to test if the extension is working

  3. Open the editor inside the project folder

    code .
  4. Install free-omnisharp-vscode extension for C# development

  5. Open Program.cs file

    • Note: this step is just to force extension to download OmniSharp implementation
  6. Wait until OmniSharp dependencies get installed (it takes time)

  7. If editor asks about adding build & run targets, say yes

    • It can also be enabled later inside Run & Debug tab
  8. Press F5 to build and execute the example code

    • Breakpoints are supported, add them to the left of the code
    • Open Run & Debug tab to see variables and watch expressions
  9. Now the editor is configured and new projects can be created using dotnet tool (like in step 2)

Happy hacking! 🐱

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